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Beyond Redemption are a post-Death Metal outfit from York, determined to push the boundaries of a sometimes stale genre. Using Death Metal and early-era Metallica thrash as a foundation, the band have increasingly implemented more progressive elements to their sound, with Dream Theater being an extremely heavy influence as well as the precision metal of Meshuggah. Described by a certain flavour of the month magazine as "a real band who play overblown metal which borders on the pretentious", Beyond Redemption are proud of the fact that they do not bow down to trends in a country where fashion often precedes substance.

Formed in 1996 by guitarist/vocalist Clive Jevons and axeman Andy Mathews at the University of York, the band were quickly joined by keyboardist/drum programmer Dave Cheeseman and bass player Mark Burnett.

The sound was instantly fast, aggressive and very technical, and the band managed a few sporadic gigs in and around York, but degree commitments meant that the band was not able to play frequently.

Andy left the band in late 1997 due to work commitments, and the band continued as a three piece, reaching the University of York battle of the bands final in 1998.

It wasn't until 1999 that they became a four-piece again, when their biggest fan and friend, Gid Letch, joined as drummer.

Rehearsals began later that year and success headed their way when they managed to win the University battle of the bands 2000. Out of the prize came the five track E.P. Injury Time, which the band are currently promoting and using to capture a wider audience.

Due to work commitments, Mark has also had to leave, but the band have recently recruited Bulgarian bassist Evgeni Vachkov.

In the interest of progression the band now feel mature and developed enough to expand throughout the UK and elsewhere, in the search of a record deal. As a refreshing change to the apparent trend of Nu-metal, BR are all about music over image.

Current Set

12 originals plus a large number of covers (Metallica, Dream Theater, Type-O-Negative, Machine Head, Eurythmics, Eiffel 69 and more).

Material: Five track EP entitled 'Injury Time' produced at the Old Dairy Studios, York.

Selection of MP3 files recorded both in the studio and live (available HERE).

Live videos of Battle Of The Bands Semi-Finals and Final, February 2000, University Of York.


Clive Jevons - Guitar/Vocals

Dave Cheeseman - Keyboards/Vocals

Evgeni Vachkov - Bass

Gid Letch - Drums.


Dave Cheeseman: Mob - (07971) 842040, land - (0115) 9288225


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