Clive 'EvilC' Jevons

What do you play?


Your Influences?

Metallica, Slayer, Death, Morbid Angel, Dream Theater, Carcass, Fear Factory, Charlie Christian, Mega Deth, Napalm
Death, Anthrax, etc.

How did you join BR?

I knew Andy Matthews and we were both looking for a band - so we started BR.

Best BR gig?

Bob 2000 finals.

Favourite BR song?

I Belong.

Top 5 albums?

Metallica 'Ride the Lightning', Slayer 'Decade of Aggression', Dave Brubeck 'Best Of', Fear Factory 'Demanufacture', Death 'Human'.

What gear do you play?

Ibanez K7, Jackson Kelly, Ibanez Saber, Ibanez EDR470, Ibanez RG3120 Prestige, BC Rich Warlock, ESP M207, Charvel
Avenger, Spirit (semi-accoustic), Crate G160XL amp, 2x12 Celestion cabinet.

Other bands you've been in?

Sentinel, Sonic Brethren, Hollow Point, Subaquatic Surrealist Blues Band, some pub band in Holme On Spalding Moor, Gizmo

Which foot do you put on the monitor when you're doing a solo?


Most embarrasing onstage moment?

When we were doing the first Dungeon Fest and shouted "Hope you're all having a good evening!" and someone in
the audience said, its only two o'clock in the afternoon, mate!

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