Evgeni Vachkov

What do you play?


Your Influences?

Sean Malone, John Patitucci, ...+ a dozen of others.

How did you join BR?

Their old bassplayer Mark left, so there was a gap to be filled in.

Best BR gig?

Probably the first gig I played with BR. There was so much stuff I never did before on stage. It was just like when you have your first ride on a bicycle ...or a girl.

Favourite BR song?

Slow and Painful. -You dont have to wait for long for your next sip of beer.

Top 5 albums?

I dont own any albums from top 5s and top 10s. Missunderstood?

What gear do you play?

Galveston 8 string.
Some fake 4strng fretless.
...and my fingers. Do you need anything else?

Other bands you've been in?

Amalganation. And some other funk bands back in Bulgaria.

Which foot do you put on the monitor when you're doing a solo?

Dont really do solos. My right foot is usually on the monitor. Looking forward to get the middle one, full on working (hope pills work this time)

Most embarrasing onstage moment?

Someone pinched my shoe, while my foot was on the monitor and then threw it at me.

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