Below are some links to fellow York bands and other places we think you should visit ;-)

Check us out on Vitaminic - the more you download, the better ;-)

Bludgeoned. Metal. Need I say more?

Hydrous Gid and Ev have just (tail end of 2003) joined this London based Rock band full time.

Twin Zero DC plays in this band.

Sacktrick DC also plays in this band :).

The Delta Rays DC plays in this band as well.

Fat Digester ... guess what ... DC also plays in THIS band :)

This Other Eden - Ev *used* to play in this band.

Heroic Trio homepage

Good friends of the band and well worth seeing if you get the chance.

GodBotherer - even if it weren't for the great music, you'd have to check this band out just for the name! :)


Again, a bunch of people who are good friends of the band ... these guys are frequently being raved about in MH ;-) ... so get yo asses down to one of their gigs ;-)

Final Conclusion - Again, good friends with us - and they ROCK! So go check 'em out ;-))) .

SevenBall homepage

Another great York band - catch 'em if you can.

TUNG is an excellent York band that has been heralded as the "next big thing" ;-)

Vae Solis Thrash is most definitely back, y'all! One of the best bands I've seen live for a while ;-)

Bloodstream - METAL! If you get BR ... go see these!!!

VeinRush These guys used to be called Beyond Redemption too :)))) - so you know they're great :) - The Enchanted. Metal giants.

DungeonFest - THE Metal event in the North :)

PillowTalk .. if you're missing BR, then this is the next best thing :))))

GORE ... just look at the site an you'll know :).

Here are some links to bands who we listen to:


Dream Theater

Dimmu Borgir

Morbid Angel


Here are some links to some metal mags and the like:

Brutalism - this is a *really* great site with loads of links to Bands and their output. Go check it out. NOW!


Metal Hammer

Urban Decay

And if you ever wondered about pubs in York ... check out the York Pub Guide

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