Beyond Artwork
by Keith Williams


God Sent EP Artwork
These pics are relatively big, and I haven't yet done thumbs for them. Anyway - you may need to chop up the front cover to be able to print it, as its 50cm wide. But I've put it on in that form so you can see how its meant to be folded. First fold it in the middle, so that the printed sides are facing out. Then fold it in the middle again so that the pages without the text are facing the outside - that's it! The back cover has tabs on the sides that are meant for the spines of the jewel case - should be self explanetory. Massive huge thanks to Keith for this excellent artwork!!! BTW: I recommend using a propert image editing/viewing software to print these, as browsers alone probably won't do a good ob of it. I'd recommend one of IrfanView or The Gimp, which are both free-as-in-beer.

Cover (to be folded) | Back (with spines)

The search for a decent logo... ;)

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