Here are some Mp3s of what Beyond Redemption is all about - the music.
Feel free to copy and re-distrubute any Mp3 found on this site.
The more people get to hear these, the happier we are...


The God Sent EP Tracks

UPDATE - you can now also download the CD cover art / inlay, etc. from the Artwork section.

Right - these are now the final, mastered versions of the songs from our EP. For anyone who downloaded the pre-master versions before - you'll now be able to see just what a difference it makes :)

God Sent
Perfect World
Lost Cabal
Kill To Feel
Sweet Dreams (studio version)

Assorted MP3s

World of pain - live from BoB2000
Slow and Painful
Sweet Dreams - live from BoB2000

We're also offering the entire Injury Time EP as download as we won't be printing any more copies

World Of Pain
Injury Time
I Belong
Craving Blood
Lost Cabal

Vids (QuickTime)

Kill To Feel live (2002) in Fibbers
PainScape teaser
Slow and Painful